Garen_headshotWhat I’m doing now:

  • having fun with my wife Yvette, raising our two wild sons Taylor and Owen.  Any good babysitters out there?  🙂
  • enjoying the best relationship I’ve ever had with my parents and my brother and sister.
  • building an exceptional company with the help of my teammates at SideCars, Inc.  (, just because I’m very pumped)
  • reminding myself on a regular basis that this very moment is perfection, upon deep inspection at any given time.
  • reading craploads of nonfiction.  I love the idea that I can modify my life for the better based upon words that were written nearly 2000 years ago  (thanks, Marcus!).
  • savoring the laughter and conversations that are the result of carefully selecting my circle of friends.

What you’ll hardly ever catch me doing now:

  • watching the news.  Ugh.  What a biased, cynical waste of everyone’s time.
  • hanging out with naysayers.  If you’re a negative person, get out now.
  • eating green peas.  Yuck.
  • listening to Celine Dion.  Sorry, Cel. You’re just not my type.
  • complaining about work.  Just quit if you hate your stupid job, alright?!  No one’s holding a gun to your stupid head.
  • driving like a madman, hands clenched on the steering wheel, calling the person in front of me unspeakable names.  Okay, I did do this very thing one week ago in an effort to get my 9 year old son to his first basketball game, but I promise it was a very isolated incident.  And do you even care enough that I should promise anything?  Didn’t think so.

What I should be doing now:  

  • flossing.  I garentee you this is what you should be doing, too.  If you ever have to ask yourself “What the _____ should I be doing right now?”, the answer is always flossing.